Sher-EZ Threshold Ramps



Sher-Ez threshold ramps are great ways to provide safe passage through doorways, sliding glass doors, and over raised landings and various indoor/outdoor drop offs.

Ramps also increase mobility around the home, especially those with small steps, over bumpy thresholds and small alterations in height or level into different rooms in a home.



Recycled rubber is the most economical way to bridge a threshold.



Rubber ramps are naturally highly slip-resistant. Made from recycled tires means they have some of the same gripping capabilities as a tire does to a road.



Rubber threshold ramps are so easily installed. Just put in the place where they are required as there is no need to fasten the ramp with bolts or screws. Rubber is naturally non-slip so it means that the threshold ramp will remain in place without moving.

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