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Resurfacing Concrete Pool Decks

A cracked, broken or uneven concrete pool deck is one the most challenging problems for pool owners. Replacing the concrete is expensive and may not be an option. Covering the existing pool deck offers a very attractive solution and function for years.  Rubber paving expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations but does not crack creating a more durable and attractive surface.

Call us today and we will transform your aging pool deck into a safe, beautiful, and comfortable surface.  We have many years of experience resurfacing pool deck surfaces for indoor and outdoor pools for large projects such as hotel pools and cozy back yard pools.


  • Water does not float on the rubber surface reduces the risk of slipping
  • Rubber surface absorbs sound making it very attractive for indoor pools at hotels
  • Non-slip surface greatly reduces risk of injury
  • Attractive and durable





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